Outside Carpet Types, Ideas, and Uses

We’ve been talking a lot about the different types of outdoor carpeting; like how to install and different types like carpet squares and rolls, but what about choosing the right style and design to begin with and some unique and cool ideas and places to install our outside carpet.

Obviously we may want to use the outdoor carpet tiles around a pool or spa, but what about some other areas like inside a storage shed or garage. We recently installed some great olefin carpet we got as remnants to put in our outdoor storage shed next to our pool. This polypropylene type olefin carpet works great for storing our pool supplies and things we want to keep off the wet pavement. What we did was purchase some of those rubber mats like you see behind bars (as in restaurant and bar, not jail 😉 and then laid the carpet over that. The rubber matting keeps the carpet up directly out of any moisture and allows it to run out of the shed. It does get wet sometimes but dries quickly and the olefin for outside carpet works pretty well.

Any synthetic or polypropylene fiber will work outside but may fade if in direct sunlight so be mindful of the color you choose. Another pretty cool idea for using carpet outside (or sort of) is in the garage. A friend of mine actually has pink olefin carpet in his garage. Yes you heard me right, pink outside carpeting in his garage! Yes he’s married and it wasn’t his wife’s idea, I won’t get into why he choose pink, but it actually doesn’t look that bad.

You would think that using outdoor carpet in your garage would be a bad idea because it would get all stained and covered with oil. It does a little if you have a car leaking oil, but my friend’s car is pretty new and he keeps a large matt underneath the area where the condensation from the AC drips. Sure it gets stained from time to time, but his reasoning is, it’s easier to replace dirty carpet then have the concrete floor get permanently damaged. Although I didn’t think I would put indoor outdoor carpet in my garage, it might not be such a bad idea. I think I would probably go with the marine outdoor carpet tiles. They’re a lot more resistant to staining and can even be hosed down. Although you would want to make sure you had a sloped garage and nice draining. If not the marine tiles, some type of olefin tile that would be easier to replace tiles that got stained. There is something cool about being able to vacuum your garage.

I’ve also seen people use olefin an outside carpeting to cover balconies which ads a nice warm and homey feeling to that type of outdoor space. Of course we’ve all seen it in screened in patios and porches, but not so often on balconies.

What types of places can you think of using carpet outside?