A Safe, Warm Floor: Marine Carpets For Every Environment

Boat owners are not the only people who will benefit from the installation of marine carpet. This water resistant, mold and mildew free, stain and slip opposing floor covering is excellent for porches, garage floors, docks, decks, poolsides and basements. Many varieties of marine grade carpet are available for varying applications but every roll shares the same basic qualities. Some people prefer to try simple outdoor carpet to keep costs low and in the long-term, when they have to replace their carpeting, and the marine varieties are still holding fast, the savings of doing it right the first time are evident.

Marine carpeting is specifically designed for environments that are constantly wet. For this reason, it is most commonly used on boat decks and docks where water is always dousing the surroundings. The material for the rugs fibers is naturally UV repellent so colors do not fade. It is made to resist the growth of mold and mildew while still being easy to clean with household detergents. A mild scrubbing and rinse when the carpet feels dirty quickly returns it to working order.

Most marine carpet is manufactured with a short pile (the length of the individual fibers), which contributes to its function of keeping contaminants from getting trapped on its surface. Still, it is specially designed for bare foot traffic and so soft and welcoming to tired feet. Unlike short, plastic-fiber outdoor carpeting, marine grade carpet is not a scratchy and slick surface on which to walk. Whether wet or dry, it has strong traction for superior footing grip.

The base of marine carpeting is made from top-grade, flexible rubber backing, thick enough not to bunch and thin enough to comfortably conform to uneven surfaces. Certainly on the dock of a boat, the surface is flat, but in basements or decks where concrete or wood warp may be prevalent, the rubber backing still makes clean contact with the floor to maintain a safe walking surface. The rubber matting also enhances the softness for walking and makes gluing the carpet to its surface easy and reliable; especially if you purchase a boat carpet kit.

However, depending on where it is installed people may want the ease of lifting their carpet from its floor to have less tack for quicker cleaning. In the wettest areas, marine carpet is unquestionably the best ground cover. In moderately wet areas, people should strongly consider using it for the best and longest lasting durability.

Sailing environments and docks are the obvious locations for marine grade carpet. Basement floors, decks and poolsides though are also excellent locations for this durable flooring. The plushness of the pile makes deck parties more comfortable and inviting. Its resistance to deterioration gives it an edge over outdoor carpeting and the simplicity of cleaning makes it the clear choice for weather prone locations. Since it does not bunch it is ideal for the surfaces that require walkers to have keen balance and since its fibers do not become slick when wet, it provides a good surface for moving about in any weather.

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