Installation Tips for Outdoor Carpeting

When installing outdoor carpeting, there's some things you'll want to take into consideration. You'll need to determine what type of surface you'll be covering up and additionally, what type of outdoor carpeting you're going to want to install.

Outdoor carpeting works great for most boats, around pools, garages, gazebos, or just about anything that could benefit from a carpeted surface that may be exposed to the elements. Prior to deciding on what type of carpet you choose for your outdoor area, do some research as to the durability and its ability to stand up to the elements. For example, some outdoor carpeting may fade if exposed to daily sunlight directly.

If looking at Olefin or Polypropylene for your outdoor carpeting, make sure it's been chemically treated to resist damage by the sun. Olefin or Polypropylene fibered carpet will break down in the sun if not treated properly and need to be replaced. Also think about what is going to be used around the carpeting. For example, if you're carpeting around a pool or drainage area, make sure the outdoor carpeting you choose can stand up to chlorine or water constantly running off of it.

Like with any purchase, outdoor carpet is no different. Having the right expectations is the only way to be fully satisfied. It pays to do your research. If you install carpet around or on your deck, which is partially under the roof line where it get's shade on half the covered area. And the half that is exposed to the sun fades over time... well, it's going to look terrible and you're going to be unsatisfied obviously. So choose a carpet that is chemcially treated to stand up to sun exposure. With that said, there are few outdoor carpeting, if any, that will stand the test of time in the sun forever. So remember that even the most expensive outdoor products eventually show results of constant exposure to the elements.

One great choice for outdoor carpeting is Olefin, which you'll find in many berber typed carpets. Olefin is stain resistant and stands up great to normal wear and tear. Olefin is also considered colorfast since the fiber has the color added during production. Additionally, it stands up very well to midew, mold, and moisture over time compared to other materials.

The best idea is to simply visit a local carpet retailer and take home some outdoor carpeting samples to take home and see what looks good. In some cases, carpet remnants may be available in the outdoor carpet you could use.

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