Comparing Indoor Outdoor Carpet For Garage

There are several different types of indoor outdoor carpet for garage areas. In order to make the right choice, it will be important to know what these types are, as well as to consider what activities take place in your garage. The three main differences will be that of quality level, colors, and weaving.

Lower grade grass carpet will work for areas that do not receive much traffic. This type is recommended for area that are not directly exposed to the elements. It is fine for use in all indoor areas, and can be considered for use in outdoor areas that are covered.

Higher grade grass carpet will hold up well under a greater variety of conditions. It will withstand lots of traffic, and it can be exposed to the elements. This product is available in different colors, with the most commonly found color being green.

The highest grades of grass carpet are available in many different colors. What makes this version different from the others is that it offers a marine backing. Marine backing should be chosen in all areas that will be exposed to moisture. This will allow the product to dry quickly, which will help prevent mold from forming.

Plush indoor outdoor carpet for garage use is also available. The lower and middle grades are not suitable for high traffic areas. These grades are also not suitable for moisture prone areas, as they do not provide marine backing. These types are best for strictly indoor use, or for outdoor areas that are covered.

Higher grade plush should be used indoors, as well as in covered areas. This type may, or may not, come with marine backing. All plush varieties should be chosen based on how the area will be used. It is advisable to choose these types in the form of carpet squares that can easily be removed and replaced should they become permanently stained.

Berber carpeting is yet another choice. This type does provide water proof backing. It also offers a high level of stain resistance. Therefore, it can be used in a large variety of areas. With this type offering more of a luxurious feel, it works well in garages, basements, decks, and patios.

There are two basic choices when it comes to indoor outdoor carpet for garage areas. The traditional cut one piece, and squares. Many people prefer the squares, as they can be removed and replaced should an area become damaged or stained. Both types will require that the area that they will be used in is measured correctly. This will ensure that the proper amount of the product is purchased.

Choosing the correct type of indoor outdoor carpet for garage use is the key to ensuring that it lasts for many years. Those that use their garage for more than just parking will most definitely benefit from the added comfort and insulation that this type of product will provide. Installation is easy, and the price is significantly lower than standard household carpet choices.

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