Check out Different Types of Indoor Outdoor Carpet

One small thing you can do to make a patio or outdoor living space more comfortable, cozy, and enjoyable, is to consider installing indoor outdoor carpet. Sometimes there's confusion on the difference between "outdoor carpet" and "indoor outdoor carpet." For our purposes here, and most generally, you'll find they mean the same thing. Some carpets are obviously optimized for outdoor carpeting uses but that doesn't mean that they can't be used inside. Likewise for the other way around. Just because a carpet is an indoor carpet doesn't mean it can't be used outside (although it probably won't last very long).

There are several different types of indoor outdoor carpet. The most commonly sold and used are: Rib Loop, Cut Pile Velour, Cut Pile Grass Turf, Cut & Loop Texture, Sisal Look, and Loop Pile. Note that many of these types are same as normal indoor carpet (cut pile, loop, etc.) The carpets are made essentially the same way as indoor carpet; they're just treated differently and made from different materials that stand up better to outdoor elements.

Rib Loop - Indoor Outdoor Carpet is pretty much what it sounds like (as are most the carpet types). It has rows of loops which make the carpet more resilient and resistant when it comes to matting from large amounts of traffic. You can spot loop carpet by looking at the top of the strands, if they're bent over and appear to be one strand that is doubled over.

Indoor outdoor carpet known as cut pile velour, has no loops and is used mostly on cars, around pools, boats, and patios. However, with this carpet the strands are packed much tighter which gives a bit more formal look to it.

Grass turf (Cut Pile) is commonly seen around outdoors still. It was really popular in the 1960's era and basically looks like plastic grass. Although most commonly green in color, you can find this in many other colors such as red and blue. One thing about this type of indoor outdoor carpet, is they can make it in multi-colors that does a great job of hiding stains. You'll see this type of outdoor carpet mostly around pools, putting greens and decks. Some artificial turfs, laid over foam rubber are also cut pile type turf.

There's also cut and pile loop turf that is basically a combination of both cut pile and loop.

Regardless of our indoor outdoor carpeting needs, there's a carpet out there for it. Although there isn't quite as many choices for carpets that will stand up to the weather, as opposed to indoor only carpet, you should be able to find something for your needs. Whether your looking for indoor outdoor carpet for your pool deck or just a lazy hang out area such as a screened in porch or BBQ area, check out our Buy Outdoor Carpet page for great deals.