Outdoor Carpets

Outdoor carpets come in many designs, styles, and makeup’s. Most people think of the ugly green marine carpet which is found mostly on docks, boat decks, and around pools. The type of outdoor carpeting that fits you’re needs depends mostly, as with any carpeting jobs, on what you’re expectation and need for the carpet is.

Will the carpet be exposed to the elements? This would be one of the first things to consider since just because a carpet may be advertised for outdoor use, doesn’t mean it’s manufactured to stand up to the tough elements of rain, snow, and direct sunlight.

For example, marine outdoor carpet is manufactured with a rubber backing and olefin top layer which makes it highly resistant to staining and water. This type of carpeting is really made to keep the water in, as opposed to allowing it to leak out on to flooring. The carpet is named for where it is used the most; marine, boats, decks, etc. But it can also work great in other areas where moisture may be a problem such as basements or a garage. Available in different colors and patterns such as blue or green, which is most common, or even gold, brown or gray.

The synthetic material olefin that makes up most outdoor carpeting is also known as polypropylene. It’s extremely tough and durable and it’s resistance to dirt, fading, mold, and it’s fast drying properties. Coming in both pile or cut and loop, marine carpet comes in roles similar to most indoor carpet which makes it easy to lay in large areas without many seems. Many times marine carpet is cut to fit the area exactly and using carpet glue.

The turf and grass variety of outdoor carpets is meant to simulate grass (obviously). One thing about this type is that it comes, generally, in squares which have a stick backing that is peeled away and stuck to the surface. You see this type of covering used on a lot of practice putting greens or backyards. This turf is extremely resilient to the elements and can stand up to water and direct sunlight being resistant to fading. Although you may have seems with the tiles, one nice thing about the turf tiles is the ability to replace them if they become torn or worn in certain areas. It’s much easier to replace a small few square tiles than an entire area.