How Awesome are Indoor Outdoor Carpet Tiles

The only difference in this topic on outdoor carpet tiles and outdoor carpeting, is that these come in tiles. The tiles are generally sold as self-adhesive squares of carpet that can be glued to stuck to a hard surface. One thing that's nice about using the carpeting tiles instead of traditionally rolled outdoor carpet, you can replace only the squares that are damaged as opposed to re-carpeting an entire area. I'm sure you've also seen where someone has cut out a section of indoor/outdoor carpeting to replace a damaged section, it shows!

The most important part of outdoor carpet tiles is making sure their adhered properly to the sub-floor, cement, or underlying decking. For areas where the tiles may be exposed directly to rain or weather, the interlocking type of tiles a great because they actually allow drainage. If the decking is not washed or clear of all debris of dirt, the squares will not get a good seal and likely peel up over time. Here's something else to think about, store the tiles in the room or area you'll be installing them in for a few days prior to application. This allows the tiles to reach the same temperature as the surrounding area and will make for better application.

Most outdoor carpet tile brands come with an adhesive that is exposed by pealing off the back. Simply peel away the back and push the tile down into place. There are normally arrows or some type of indicator on the carpet tile to indicate which way the tiles should be applied. Make sure to follow the arrows to insure the pile is going in the same direction.

Always make sure that your outdoor carpet tiles have marine backing if they're to be used in areas constantly exposed to moisture. Like around pools, decks, or hot tubs. Also, always think about the amount of traffic one area is going to get. One nice thing about using tiles to carpet outdoor areas, is the ease of replacing worn tiles as opposed to the entire area as mentioned earlier.

It's also always a good idea to make sure you're choosing indoor outdoor carpet tiles that is treated properly (such as in chemicals) for the expected use. Certain outdoor carpets will be treated with chemicals or are made from certain fibers that resist fading or damage from the elements. Indoor outdoor carpet tiles are a great way for carpeting your outdoor areas. Plus, outdoor carpet tiles are easy to install and designed to withstand weather and high traffic in most areas.