Indoor Outdoor Carpet Remnants: A Good idea?

Working with outdoor carpeting, many installers will have left overs, or you might find odds and ends at your local home store like Lowes or Home Depot. However, there’s something to think about when considering outdoor carpet remnants. I bring this up because I’ve gotten several requests lately asking specifically for ways to find cheap outdoor carpet remnants. But honestly, the price is so relative, check out our Buy Outdoor Carpet page and you’ll see why. With other types of carpets, remnants would be a great idea, however, that is not so much the case when carpeting an outside area. Sure you can find great deals on remnants, especially with inside carpeting but there’s a reason why. There are literally thousands of makes and types of indoor carpet that can range anywhere from a few dollars to $50 or more a square foot - not to mention installation. That makes the case where finding some high value and quality carpet at remnant pricing is a great deal, considering your willing to find it and take the time on either installing it yourself or hiring a professional to install it. Many outdoor carpets these days (like outdoor carpet tiles) come with adhesive backing that makes installation a cinch. Which is while the tile or squares option is so popular now, you don’t have to hire a professional, like with the TrafficMaster brand that can be found at most Home Depots.

Outdoor carpeting almost always comes in 6’ widths by the length you determine, whereas indoor carpet rolls generally come in 12’ widths. So naturally you may get some 12’ width remnants that you can piece together. Which is what we actually did with our basement. We got a great deal on some olefin remnants and was able to carpet our entire basement on the real cheap with minimal seams. Unless you’re looking to carpet an outdoor area with a highly durable olefin for outdoor, remnants are probably not your best bet. With that said however, you can use olefin outdoors if it’s been treated. Treated olefin is resistant to sun damage and will hold up but does not have the marine backing like other outdoor carpets made specially for outside use. Now this may be the way to go of you’re looking for outdoor carpet remnants (the treated olefin route) however you’re still looking at paying comparable prices if you consider the price of some olefin plus the adhesive or carpet glue you’ll need for securing it to say concrete outdoors. The case is then you’re not getting the unique qualities of the marine backing that comes with carpeting made specifically for outdoors.

Finding indoor outdoor carpet remnants for something like a garage or or screened in porch area would work great for that. In this case, finding some outdoor remnants that don’t have the marine backing would work great. Plus you may be able to find them in 12’ widths. Again, this would even be considered highly durable indoor olefin carpet much like you see in offices. You can find these remnants at most carpet retailers or even local home stores (usually bound and stuck in a box at the end of the carpet section). So check out our options to Buy Outdoor Carpet and keep in mind that finding remnants may still be an option by using high traffic or durable indoor carpet in an outside area if you’re wanting remnants. Keep in mind also if the carpet is going to get wet, you may have to replace it after a few seasons so paying a little extra to get the marine backing specific to outdoor carpeting may be the best way to go.