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Finding The Perfect Outdoor Carpet for My Deck

If you’ve been looking to revamp you deck for a while, you may be excited (or maybe not even considered) using outdoor carpeting for decks as an alternative for outdoor decor. You’ll want to do a bit of research before heading out and buying the first carpet you land your eyes on. For example, I was thinking about the advantages of using outdoor carpet on my deck, things like:

1. The add to the beauty of your outdoor living space and just enhance the decor

2. They provide warmth during those cold summer months when you can’t go outside without your shoes or socks

3.  The provide a protective portion of the floor where children can play

What I learned is that the distinct difference in normal indoor carpeting and outdoor carpeting for decks is the ability of the outdoor carpets to withstand all weather while still managing to enhance the overall look. Pretty basic and common sense stuff right? But also consider that your outdoor carpet will be exposed to UV rays, a high amount of human traffic and if your deck isn’t enclosed, some rain may even seep through. You may figure that you save more money like me… if I buy something that will serve me longer and costs a bit more initially than if I buy something cheap that will have to be replaced after a short period of use.

But purchasing and installing the carpet is just one part, what about the maintenance routine for outdoor carpeting for decks? With the large volume of traffic which I get from guests and family, I knew that I would need to work out a simple yet effective cleaning regiment to keep the carpet looking its best. I also took the environment into consideration. How dusty is it? How often does it rain/flood? Most outdoor carpeting can usually be cleaned by just hosing it off and then leaving it out to dry. It is important that you thoroughly dry out the outdoor carpet to avoid having mildew form or the development of rot and an unpleasant smell.

Two options I found online are:

1. Outdoor Area Rug 4 x 6 Reversible & Waterproof

If you’re looking to just cover a small area, then a rug may be your best bet. At an amazing bargain I found for only $49.99, this carpet spells out versatility. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and allows for one to reverse it so you can use it longer between washes. It is waterproof and allows water to seep through it and evaporate so I wasn’t worried about rotting my deck. Apart from that, it is also mildew proof and very easy to wash. Truly a great acquisition!

2. 6 Foot by (up to 40 feet) long Green – Outdoor Decking Carpet

This is the green outdoor carpet everyone is used to seeing. Although this product is green, it comes in many other sizes but is still fairly affordable. Also, as carpet is pretty heavy to ship, Amazon is always nice because a lot of these products come with free shipping. Check out ALL OUTDOOR CARPET FOR DECKS HERE!

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